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About Us

La Marelle CrossFit started in 2017 as it was the very first CrossFit KIDS to launch in Paris.

During this last few years, our vision of CrossFit has gone beyond the idea of a simple sport in order to reach the level of a practice that develops the body and mind as a whole. 

Our passion and rigor have anables us to put CrossFit at the service of everyone. From beginners to experts, our particular approach evolved to adapt to any level and physical condition, so even you, reading right now, has a special place within us.

With us, CrossFit is no longer just a sport to excel oneself, it becomes a simple way to learn how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Alone, in pairs or with family.


We work hand in hand with a general practitioner qualified in nutrition who helps and offers follow-up to learn and lay the foundations of nutrition.


La Marelle CrossFit, it's 4 passionate coaches involved in the success and good mood of all! Yes we sweat a lot, but with smile. Aussi disponible en Français !


Supporter of yoga for a multitude of reasons, you can practice it with us! Greater flexibility, better concentration, greater lung capacity and so on.

La Marelle Crossfit sur gulli

Dans le cadre de l’émission Wazup, la chaîne pour enfant Gulli est venue à la rencontre de trois de nos jeunes pratiquantes CrossFit Kids :  Nina, Louna et Élina.

Retrouvez cet épisode directement ici, et comment nos jeunes courageuses nous ont attribués 4 Waz et demi sur 5 !


A CrossFit training...
What is it really?

From the outside perspective of a CrossFit session, we always ask ourselves: "Is it really something for me?"... The answer is yes it is!

In reality, each session is well-thought and structured. And above all, it allows to support and help all levels (beginners, intermediates and confirmed) in joy and cheerfulness!

At La Marelle, each training is based on a classic formula inherent of our discipline.

This formula is composed of few steps:

  • A general warm-up
  • A targeted warm-up
  • A part of technical work where we help you to optimize your practice and reduce risks of injuries
  • A WOD, or work out of the day (high intensity training)
  • A last part of cool-down and stretchings

Our Pricing

CrossFit is above anything else a sport made of passion. It's not only about moving but also about having fun! That's why our pricing is thought by and for families, couples and people willing to get better together.


à partir de 116€/mois

Découvrez l’abonnement illimité pour les plus courageux et assidus d’entre nous ! Alors, prêt à woder ?


à partir de 438€/an

Working out and having fun is not only for the grown-ups children of this world! Offer unlimited sessions to your littles ones.


à partir de 24€/séance

Because there is nothing better than spending energy together and to cultivate this love of sport outside of home!


à partir de 204€/mois

Gift yourself with a valentine present full of great resolutions! (Offer is also valid for couple of friends ;))

Location de salle pour praticiens

Retrouvez une jolie salle individuelle de 10m² donnant sur la rue à l’étage de notre box.
Idéale pour un cabinet praticien, pour une location de consultation de quelques heures à la semaine ou pour un atelier ponctuel !

Our approach to nutrition

CrossFit is not only a sport to burn energy. It is a philosophy and a lifestyle that help and stimulate durable changes in its practisioners' life.

Have you regained the weight that you worked so hard to lose?
Do you feel overwhelmed with so many different diets out there?
Are you bored with your current fitness routine?
Are you looking for a customized plan just for you?
Have you tried other gym routines only to stop going due to a lack of interest?
Would you benefit from accountability and support with your nutrition program?

If one of these question gets a yes from you, we are 100% sure we could help, so contact us!

Des pancakes à la banane en deux minutes avec seulement deux ingrédients ? C’est possible.

Pour deux beaux pancakes prenez une banane et deux oeufs… Mixez le tout, à la poêle et vous aurez une superbe collation ou un dessert riche en protéines, potassium et surtout, sans culpabilité !

Qu'est-ce que NOS SPORTIFS diSENT de nous ?

Session in a small group, a super dynamic and supportive coach. The WOD was complete and helped working the whole body at a high intensity. Great warm-ups and stretching. Super challenging, I love it! 


A confirmed athlete

Our partners

Nous sommes tous des athlètes

Nous sommes une communauté ouverte à tous

Nous prenons soin les uns des autres

Nous nous aidons à atteindre nos objectifs

We are all athletes

We are community-open to all

We take care of you

We help you reach your goals

Contact Us

  • 7 Cité Hittorf, 75010 Paris
  • +33 6 23 55 36 32
  • 8am to 6pm on weekdays
  • 8am to 3pm on week-ends
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Malgré la situation sanitaire, La MArelle s'adapte !

La Marelle CrossFit est ouvert pour les enfants et les adultes en cours privé avec une ordonnance médicale et un test négatif COVID de 72 heures maximum. Les cours collectifs adultes ont lieu à l’extérieur de la box.